The Cuban-Swedish dance collective SOMOS presents Trans[e]ición

In Trans[e]ición, the audience is invited into a space between trance and consciousness. To oscillate between an introvert and extrovert state, guided by the forces of water, earth, wind and fire- Collectively, intimately and individually. Trans[e]ición is a journey into the dancers’ individual expressions. Mixing trance techniques from the Cuban Folklore practices with techno music and its repetitiveness, they explore the human need to connect with something bigger than ourselves.

Trans[e]ición mixes Afro-Cuban Bailes folklorico, such as Arara, Bailes Yoruba y Congo and Rumba, with Hip-Hop, House, Popping and the dancers’ individual skills.

Trans[e]ición was produced and premiered in Havana- Cuba 2015, followed by successfull tour in Havanna, Cuba, Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg- Sweden. In fall 2016, the piece was on tour for Riksteatern, Swedish National Touring Theatre, Selected to SWEDSTAGE fall 2016. Played at Augenblick mal festival spring 2017, Berlin Germany. Invited to Kenya International Theatre festival, 2018. Further developed to Trans[e]ición club edition that played at Nobelberget, Stockholm 2016, and at Skankaloss-Gagnef festival 2017, Sweden. Trans[e]ición has played over 100 times, for about 15000 people since its premiere in Havana 2015.


Artistic director, idea & choreography: Lisa Janbell
Co-Choreographer in Cuba: Obwen Beovides Gonzáles                               
Dancers: Yared Cederlund Tilahun, Danel Osmin Milian Diaz, Joanna Holewa Chrona, Maele Sabuni                    
Music: Dijle Özlem Neva Yigitbas ”NevaDeelay”            
Dramaturge and light: Helena Ringvold                          
Light assistant: Reinier Garcia                                           
Light technician: Peter Stockhaus                                     
Costume: Malena Modéer                                                                                                                           
The original production in 2015, was produced in Havana by SOMOS Dance Company, in co-operation with Teatro Palpito and el Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba, funded by Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholmsstad, Stockholmsläns landsting. Second edition in 2016, was produced by The Swedish national theatre of touring.

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