KONTAKT is a ritual, a trance practice, a vibrating techno ceremony. A dance of something that is being evoked, attempted, ghosted and hosted. Ancient, mainly Cuban folktraditions meets futures and cosmologies through techno music and a laser altar. With movement textures by the dancers Bianca Traum, Maele Sabuni and Yared Tialhun and sacred world offerings by Lisa Janbell and Camilla Sivam from Dos Oké, KONTAKT asks for an opening, a wish for presence, a desire and a need for a deep connection with our inner selves, the contact with the audience and the performers.

With support from My family, my friends, my spiritual family in Cuba and in Sweden, el pueblo Cubano como ustedes ninguno, gracias por su inspiración eternamente. All the KONTAKT artists on stage and backstage 2020 cast, and 2022 cast- Bianca Traum, Maele Sabuni, Yared Tilahun, Savanna Hanneryd, Joa Palmér, Jessie Granqvist, Avancera. Dos Oké-12 years of rituals. Without you all no KONTAKT. Thank you! / Lisa Janbell︎


Choreography: Lisa Janbell
Ritual: Dos Oké
Dancers: Camilla Sivam, Savanna Hanneryd/Bianca Traum, Maele Sabuni, Yared Tilahun Cederlund, Lisa Janbell
Music: Jessie Granqvist
Light design: Joa Palmér
Costume: Lisa Janbell
Photo: José Figeroa
Trailer/edit: Alma Gonzales

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︎︎︎ For bookings, press and PR inquiries please contact: puma.lagos@me.com ︎︎︎