Dos Oké

Lisa Janbells artistic practice and work is inspired and based on her ritual work with Dos Oké.

The Stockholm-based performance duo and band Dos Oké, is composed of the dancers and choreographers Camilla Sivam and Lisa Janbell. Drawing on the power of sisterhood as their creative force, Dos Óke creates sacred electronic prayers through intuitive unified movements and video art. Their performances have been described as living ritualistic postcards.

Since 2011, along with the video artist Johan Söderberg Dos Óke has performed at various venues and events including Sónar-Barcelona, Way out West, Fylkingen, Göteborgs filmfestival, Cirkus, Södra Teatern, Feministiska Manifestet, Gagnef-festivalen/Skankaloss, Cinema Queer, HAP, Makaroni, Selva Studio, Alias Teatern, Gather festival, Cats Wolfs and Bats, Wip‐konsthall as well as countless ceremonies and rituals.


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